12th édition – du 17 au 19 avril 2024
3 jours de conférences, 70 exposants, 4500 visiteurs par jour
The transition back to work after parental leave is a significant milestone in the lives of many working parents. "Back on Track" is a talk that delves into the challenges, strategies, and opportunities associated with reentering the workforce after taking time off to take care of a child. This presentation aims to provide valuable insights and practical advice to individuals seeking a smooth and successful transition.
This talk is based on my own story, how I returned to work after 8 months of absence due to maternity leave. I hope my story will be helpful for people who are currently coming through the same period in their lives or just plan to join the "working parents" club and their colleagues.
Marharyta Nedzelska
Marharyta is passionate about programming, learning new things and sharing her knowledge with others. She is a big Kotlin fan and Kotlin GDE. Knows both conference sides: speaking and organizing. Organized a KUG in her native city Kyiv because she believes in Knowledge Sharing and Collective Intelligence. For her everyday job, she's building Static Code Analysis tools for Java/Kotlin/Scala and other languages, helping other developers all over the world make their code better.