12ème édition – du 17 au 19 avril 2024
3 jours de conférences, 70 exposants, 4500 visiteurs par jour
Everyone reviews their code before deploying it in production. However, are we doing it effectively and efficiently?
Join us for a lunchtime talk where we'll dissect the problems with the current way of writing comments on pull requests, introduce the concept of Conventional Comments, and demonstrate how to generate them using tools like GitHub's saved replies and Browser extensions. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your code review process!”
Mouleeswaran Ganapathi
Mouleeswaran Ganapathi is a Full Stack Developer at Joimoi. He is working on a stack using VueJs / NodeJS / ElasticSearch with the objective to build a PWA that helps people grow their business using product recommendations. More recently, he started creating tools to enhance developer productivity. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and playing FIFA.