12ème édition – du 17 au 19 avril 2024
3 jours de conférences, 70 exposants, 4500 visiteurs par jour
Meet with an OSS project: OpenRewrite
Other (BEGINNER level)
Paris 142
This 'unconference' session serves as a gathering for the vibrant OpenRewrite community. It offers a unique opportunity for members to engage in lively discussions, share insights, and collaborate on coding endeavors. Whether you're eager to exchange ideas, explore new features, or dive into hands-on coding sessions, this event promises to be an enriching experience for all attendees.
Tim te Beek
Tim te Beek is a staff software engineer at Moderne, which automates software refactoring at scale. He has extensive experience contributing to and presenting on Open Source software within the Java ecosystem. Previously he worked as a consultant specializing in migration engineering and developer productivity.