11eme édition du 12 au 14 avril 2023

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The conference for passionate developers

Devoxx France is one of the most important conferences for developers in Paris in April. The 3-day conference features more than 240 presentations, hands-on workshops, as well as multiple opportunities to meet a very active developer community around Java, JVM programming languages, Web, Architecture and Cloud Computing.

Each participant has a choice of several topics, which allows him to create « his conference ».

Prestigious keynotes are held the Thursday and Friday mornings. The Meet&Greet evening is Devoxx France’s highlight social event.

The conference welcomes more than 3000 people, 62 exhibitors and 243 speakers.

Mark Reinhold, Java Chief Architect
Neal Ford, expert ThoughWorks
Joel Spolsky, Trello / Stackoverflow
Brian Goetz, Lead Java Architect
Clarisse Herrenschmidt, Collège de France
Guy Mamou-Mani, Président du Syntec
Kwame Yamgnane, école 42
Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine, Google
Gilles Babinet, Digital Champion

Prestigious speakers

Devoxx France proposes several formats:
One-hour conferences
Keynote sessions
3-hours deep dive talks
3 hours Practical Workshops
Live coding sessions
Short 15-minutes sessions
BOF (Bird Of Feather, Meet-up)

Hours of conferences

For me, Devoxx France is the must-see event of the year. I can discover the latest innovations, do practical workshops, and meet exhibitors. Every year the exhibition is getting bigger and bigger. It is an experience to live.

A happy attendee

Becoming a sponsor is...

Meet developers

Juniors, Experts or Students, enthusiasts meet at Devoxx France. During 3 days, the conference is the meeting point for the best experts and all Francophones Java User Groups (JUG).

Exchange and share

Whether between conferences, during lunch breaks or during evening events, there are many opportunities for discussion.

Invite your collaborators

The conference is an opportunity to claim your expertise and make yourself known, while offering your employees a unique opportunity to learn about the latest technologies.

Strengthen your image

Devoxx France allows you to invite your customers to participate in an event where the image of your company and your employees is enhanced.

In complete independence

The content of the conferences is decided by a committee of experts, 17 people select 240 topics from more than 900 requests to speak.

An organization team

Devoxx France is organised by Quantixx.

Antonio Goncalves, Zouheir Cadi and Nicolas Martignole created Quantixx in 2014, after first organizing Devoxx France through the Paris JUG association for 3 years.

Devoxx France is a franchise of Devoxx, the parent conference held in Belgium in November.

Devoxx is also present in England, Belgium, Ukraine, Poland and Morocco.

A great team

Devoxx France is also a great team, who manage the speakers and make the atmosphere unique. In addition, Devoxx France invites students (School 42, Simplon, WeCode) every year to discover the conference. 

A conference

Devoxx France is a 3-day conference in 8 to 10 different rooms.

Each year, speakers submit their topics via the CFP website (Call for Paper). A committee of 17 independent persons then selects the subjects. The program is announced in February. In 2019, the committee received 900 requests, keeping only 235 subjects in the end. This makes Devoxx France one of the most sought-after conferences. But this ensures quality and independence. 

Please note that only Diamond and Platinum sponsors have a 45-minute « Conference » slot. Other exhibitors cannot benefit from it.

All the conferences are filmed and then put online on Devoxx France’s YouTube channel. This makes it possible to reach a wider audience. All free of charge. 

Check our photos on Flickr.

Exhibition Hall

The 2000m2 exhibition space can accommodate up to 60 exhibitors. The allocation of sites is made upon receipt of the payment order, the general terms and conditions of sale and the signed contract. The final plan will be communicated after validation by the Fire and Safety Commission of the Palais des Congrès.

Exhibition map given as an indication without contractual value. Contact us for more information on locations and options (TV, stands, decorations, posters, etc.)

Sponsorship formulas

We offer different formulas to be an exhibitor. Each package includes exhibitor and attendee tickets . The attendees tickets enable access the entire conference, while the Exhibitors' tickets only give access to the Exhibition Hall. Diamond spaces are sold empty, with a block of electrical power. Platinium, Gold, Silver and Bronze spaces are sold with pre-installed walls that cannot be dismantled. All the spaces are usually sold at the beginning of March. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible by email (info@devoxx.fr)

Stands photos

How to become a sponsor?

1) Contact us by email at info@devoxx.fr indicating the desired formula.
2) We send you a contract to be signed electronically
3) As soon as we receive the electronically signed contract and your payment, we put your logo on the site, we announce your presence on social networks.
4) We offer you support during the months of preparation. Ideas for the stand, advice for your employees, media communication…