Contractual steps to become an exhibitor

In short

You have decided to become a sponsor of Devoxx France, and we thank you! We use a dematerialized sponsoring process that we present here in detail:

  • Sponsoring agreement : before anything else, we need to sign the sponsorship contract. This contract details your level of sponsorship and lists the GTC (General Terms and Conditions). This contract must be signed electronically by both parties;
  • Invoice : once the contract is signed, we will send you the invoice
  • Exhibitor agreement :  once payment has been made, you will be able to select your place in the exhibition area within the limits of the remaining places available on the date of your payment. We apply the « first paid, first installed » rule. We will send you the exhibitor’s contract which informs you of your place in the exhibition hall. This document must finally be signed electronically.

Sponsoring Agreement

The sponsorship contract contains the entire contractual commitment between Quantixx and your company. The signature is done electronically via Docusign. In order to send you a dematerialized contract, here are the important information to communicate to us :

  • Your choice of sponsorship formula (BRONZE, SILVER, etc.) ;
  • The full name and email address of the person signing the contract ;
  • The full name and email address of the person responsible for payment ;
  • Full names and email addresses of the persons to be informed by the follow-up of the contract. This step is optional ;
  • The full name and email address of the person responsible for operational steps ;
  • The company name, the VAT number and the invoicing address which must appear on the contract and the invoice ;

For the electronic signature, please do not use an email alias.

With this information we will send you a contract to sign electronically. Once the contract is signed, we will send you an invoice.


Once the sponsorship contract is signed, we send the invoice via Docusign to the contact person responsible for payment (name, surname and email stipulated in the contract). You don’t need to sign the invoice, DocuSign takes care of the receipt.

Exhibitor Agreement

The exhibitor contract indicates the location of your stand in the exhibition hall. This contract will be sent to you once the invoice has been paid.

The choice of your stand is made according to the date your payment is taken into account, in relation to the other sponsors. By paying your invoice promptly, you ensure that you can choose your stand quickly. Furthermore, your invoice must be paid at the latest 30 days before Devoxx France, otherwise we will regretfully cancel your participation and withhold fees. We invite you to consult the contract in detail for more information.